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Biowaste WWTP Industrial Liquid Waste Decomposing Bacteria 100gr - NON FREE

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16 Apr 2024
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BioWaste WWTP 100gr - Industrial Liquid Waste Decomposing Bacteria

BioWaste WWTP is the best solution for industrial wastewater treatment. Formulated with various types of bacteria and strong aerobic enzymes, this product is able to break down various types of industrial wastewater effectively and efficiently.

Product Specifications for Liquid Waste Decomposing Bacteria

  • Type: Bacteria and Enzymes Decomposing Industrial Liquid Waste
  • Packaging: 100 gram sachet
  • Form: Gray color powder

Benefits of Liquid Waste Decomposing Bacteria

  • Reduces BOD, COD, Phosphate, Ammonia: Reduces waste parameters such as BOD, COD, Phosphate and Ammonia effectively.
  • Decomposes Organic Compounds: Decomposes complex organic compounds such as surfactants, fats, oils, sulfides, mercaptans, phenols, cresylates, hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, etc.
  • Eliminates Foul Odors and Reduces Sludge: Eliminates foul odors originating from waste and reduces sludge production.
  • Effective in Waste with High TDS: Effective for use in waste containing high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  • Accelerating the Waste Decomposition Process: Speeds up the process of decomposing waste into simpler compounds.
  • Resistant to Shockloading: Resistant to excessive and sudden addition of detergents and waste.
  • Able to Cope with Various Waste Loads: Able to deal with various existing waste loads.
  • Increasing Waste Processing Capacity and Cost Efficiency: Increasing waste processing capacity and overall cost efficiency.
  • Facultative Strains: Bacterial strains that are able to break down quickly under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • Reduce the Use of Other Chemicals: Reduce the use of chemicals such as chlorine, PAC, etc.
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic, safe during application and storage.

Dosage and Application Method

  • Dosage: 1 to 10 grams per cubic meter of wastewater.
  • Dissolve in water in a ratio of 10 grams (1-2 liters of water).
  • Leave for 8-12 hours before application.

Variations of Liquid Waste Decomposing Bacterial Products

  • NON FREE: Only 100 gram product available.
  • FREE Septic Tank 10gram: Free 10 gram septic tank product available.
  • FREE Grease Trap 10gram: Free 10 gram grease trap product available.
  • FREE Surface Stain Remover 10gram: Free 10 gram surface stain remover product is available.

BioWaste WWTP is the best solution for processing your industrial wastewater. With regular use, you can ensure that your industrial waste is treated effectively and environmentally friendly.

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