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Bakteri pengurai / penghilang bau busuk / pipa tersumbat Coliform Removal
Bakteri pengurai / penghilang bau busuk / pipa tersumbat Coliform Removal
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04 Feb 2020
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Specification of

Product Description:
Elimination of Coliform Biowaste contains enzymes that are able to break down feces and eradicate coliform bacteria

Benefits of Coliform Removal:
- Decompose and reduce the amount of feces, urine, fat and mud in the septic tank / chopsticks
- Prevents clogged pipes
- Inhibits and reduces the growth of E-Coli and Coliform bacteria
- Reducing COD, BOD, TDS, TSS, ammonia and odor
- Application in septic tanks factories, hotels, hospitals, apartments, offices, etc.
- Contains faculative stress which is able to break down in aerobic or anaerobic conditions
- Environmentally friendly is not corrosive, non-pathogenic, so it is safe during application and storage

Dosage and application method:
Initial application: 1 kg per septic tank of 5-10 cubic meters for 2-3 days
Initial application: 1 - 10 grams per cubic meter of discharge, daily application
Dissolve it in water by distributing 10 grams: 1-2 liters of air
Let stand for 8 to 12 hours without aeration before application.

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